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Today On The Internet: Nendoroid Isabelle Brings Animal Crossing To Life

Animal Crossing is one of those franchises that I look back upon with misty fondness, but up until a few months ago I was pretty sure it wasn’t something I’d ever really get back into. Well, New Leaf probably proved that wrong for a lot of us, and I’ve put a scandalous amount of hours into that game. (Seriously, I had a legitimate problem for a while there. Island bug catching ruled my life).

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by 渦葉

by 渦葉


It happens both ways.


Like a lot of people, I’ve sort of left my mayoral duties to Isabelle in order to become a pokemon master.

In two days, I’ll probably be picking up Ace Attorney 5, and next month, a Link Between Worlds is coming out. So busy! 

This comic is inspired by a tweet.






Guess who just hit Fennekin’s number in followers?? <3

I just had to do something special for all of my lovelies! And what better than giving away a little shiny baby? Who also has a modest nature!

Rules are simple;

One like and reblog per person.




I always forget that anime is usually animated by hand

keyframes are still drawn by hand. but its still put together digitally


moccoe’s giveaway

Hi Everyone! Thanks a million for the follows, likes, reblogs, comments, and messages!! I have so much fun talking to you guys and seeing your collections grow.

To thank you, here is a giveaway!


1st winner: A full set of the 12cm Fresh alpacasso (5 x 12cm)

2nd winner: A single Fresh alpacasso (1 x 12cm - the colour will be a surprise)

How do you enter?

Simply reblog or like this post. You can reblog as many times as you like, but please don’t spam your followers. Please note, you don’t have to be my follower to win, please do not follow me just for the giveaway, there is no need!! This is open to everyone.

However, I will make sure that at least one winner is from my current followers. I have made a note of all my current followers so that at least one winner comes from you guys. After all, this giveaway is to thank you guys :) <3

As you enter, you are consenting to providing an address for shipping, and for me to send it to that address.

How will the winner be chosen?

I will use a random number generator to pick the winners. The giveaway will end on 7th November 2013, Australian time. The winners will be notified via the message box, so please make sure that you have the ask box open. If you do not respond within 48 hours, I will redraw.

I will be very grateful if you could post a photo of the alpacasso when you receive them on your tumblr.

Please give them a loving home!! They will love you!! :) (Look at the speech bubble, they want to live in your house!)

Good luck everyone, and thanks again!! :)


This has been a Pokemon PSA.


This has been a Pokemon PSA.



So, I was planning on turning my town into a Halloween town, but then changed my mind, so I have all of these Halloween themed hybrids that I don’t need, so I shall be giving them away! (✿◠‿◠)


  • 5 orange roses
  • 14 orange tulips
  • 17 orange cosmos
  • 6 orange pansies
  • 12 black roses
  • 9 black tulips
  • TOTAL = 63


  • No need to be following me. I won’t complain if you do! ( ̄︶ ̄)
  • Reblogs and likes both count.
  • Please reblog only once!
  • You must own ACNL. Kinda obvious, but y’know.
  • Must have your ask box open!

YAY, so good luck to you all! There will be only one winner! If I randomly find more hybrids around, I’ll throw them in, too! Winner will be chosen via Thanks for entering~! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ