Ask Irl White (Touko)

Thank you~ But actually I look younger than I am, I’m 24 years old

 I’m an old lady LOL

I’m not sure…I mean, I have a interest on him… There is some things I need to know, but in other way I just need to solve some things on my mind first of all.

but…If we meet again, I know that will be a great moment for me


Woah, verdad me fui por un tiempo y olvide quien me habia dejado esta caja….
recuerdo que era de white para entregar….
Pero … y si es comida?
y si esta dañado?
no puedo llevar algo asi … por el bien del cliente (?)
*abre la caja*
mejor se lo llevo de regreso a white, espero no me regañe :(

Tengo la sensación de que se me está olvidando algo importante…

I really love my nails, and my eyes, and my hair *-*, and…ok sorry x’D

look :P a little and deformed penguin

April 4th


What is this feeling?… I think I Remember something… my heart feels like…

Wait! what are you…? NO!

Actually this don’t have any sense, if the ferris wheel scene happened, why is Bubu still here? xD but I think is funny, so sorry about that

What do you mean? I’m a perfectly grown up girl, I’m super adult!  you see?

I’m just so adult than I can’t write right in English LOL

a little busy, these are hard days for me…